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Airport FAQ

After your clear customs look for your chauffeur, who will be holding a sign or name-board, the chauffeur will also send you an SMS just before your flight lands if you have provided a mobile contact number. If for some reason you can’t find us, please call us. The chauffeur’s mobile number will be on your booking confirmation. Please do not leave the terminal or go outside before you find us.

Yes, we monitor all flights so we will do our best to arrive early.

Please just email or call us to let us know and then remain in touch with any updated details as and when they are received.

Please call or email us and we will update your booking with the new details.

Parking and tolls are included.

Normally you should aim to arrive 2-3 hours before your flight unless you are on a domestic flight. However, please always check this with your airline.

We will monitor your flight and arrive half an hour after the plane has landed to save on any waiting time. If for any reason you are then delayed further, hold-ups at Customs etc., waiting time is free up to 4 hours.

Chauffeur and Driver FAQ

Absolutely not! None of our chauffeurs will ever speed.

The chauffeur will always drive at safe and sensible speeds in accordance with road conditions, traffic and the legal speed limits.

Absolutely. All of our chauffeurs have signed confidentiality agreements (non-disclosure agreements) with Geneva Car Services. What is said in the car stays in the car.

Our chauffeurs will be polite and discreet at all times. If the passenger would like to talk or ask questions, then the chauffeur will happily respond.

Absolutely not! This is against the law.

Absolutely. Not only is this more courteous, it is also safer for the passengers too.

Yes, your chauffeur will always offer to help carry your bags and luggage.

Absolutely! They always wear dark suits, shirt and tie.

General & Booking Questions

Yes, your chauffeur can either call you or SMS you on arrival or wait with a name-board in the car or ring a doorbell. Please specify your requirements upon booking.

We have taken bookings an hour before the journey; however, we do suggest that you make your booking as soon as you have made your travel plans to avoid any delays during busier periods.

Yes, we are able to set up a business account for you. You may be invoiced per trip, or per month, please contact the office for more details.

Yes, we do count children as passengers.

Yes, we have baby and child seats available, please request these at the time of booking. You will have to fit these yourselves according to the law. And of course, these will be at no extra charge.

Pricing and Tariff FAQ

All vehicles are washed daily and are regularly valeted, so we can assure your comfort.

Safety is always our top priority. All of our vehicles are serviced regularly as specified by the manufacturer’s requirements. It is also the chauffeur’s responsibility to check the oil, coolants and tyre pressures daily.

Yes, we do provide discounts. Please speak to our team about this.

Vehicle FAQ

Car-chargers for iPhones, Samsung’s and some other mobile phones are available in your car.

Absolutely. We provide this free of charge to all of our clients.

Our cars are usually less than three years old.

Yes, we ask that our clients refrain from smoking in all of our vehicles. However, we will cheerfully stop for breaks as requested.

All cars have a radio and CD player, please ask the driver if you wish to have music on in the vehicle. Some of our vehicles also have DVD players and Wifi. If this is one of your requirements, please specify when booking the car.

Protection Services FAQ

Our bodyguards are Ex Military Close Protection Officers. Each individual bodyguard has a unique set of skills, which may include; Executive protection, VIP protection, Celebrity protection, Maritime security and much more! We match these skill sets to your requirements, and build our entire operation around your objectives.

If your main concern is budget, you may wish to do just that, however please be aware! Anyone can pose to be a bodyguard including criminals and those with mental illness. If you are searching for a service which guarantees you legitimate, ex military, close protection licensed bodyguards, who will keep you and your personal information secure then look no further.

Certainly not! each and every service is handled confidentially and with non disclosure of information agreements in place. Our bodyguards have not only undergone strict vetting procedures, they have proven themselves to be reliable time and time again.

Simply provide us with as much information as possible, then either let us do the rest, or work with us to tailor your bodyguard service exactly to your specification.

We provide our services 24/7. But a bodyguard is only human too so we normally (there are exceptional situations of course) have a maximum of 12 hours per day so they are able to stay sharp and focussed for your protection. Being focussed constantly is very demanding and a tired bodyguard is not of any use to you.
We have a minimum of 3 days.

Yes, we work with a selected group of partners. But we never cut corners or make compromises in quality. Our partners have the same level of quality and competence as we do. We demand the highest standards from ourselves and our partners.