Hiring a Chauffeur and Car in Switzerland? Here are MUST READ Tips

Switzerland is a beautiful destination that attracts tourists from across the globe. While many tourists prefer traveling by public transport, there are many others who enjoy the comfort and convenience of traveling in a car. If you are traveling to Switzerland anytime soon and have decided to hiring a Chauffeur and Car to explore the destination, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Plan the trip well: First thing to keep in mind is that Switzerland does not have a lot of airports and the primary way to travel across the country is in a train. Car hire is another great option. You will be arriving at the Geneva airport and you can rent a car from here. You can easily hire a Chauffeur and Car once you reach or you can book one before you land.
  1. Choose the vehicle: If you have decided on the car type, size and brand, you can book one in advance. It can be easily done online and will allow you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that the car will be waiting for you when you land.
  1. Consider the roads: One thing to keep in mind when choosing the vehicle is the sort of roads you intend to drive on. If you are hopping from one city to another, a 4X4 will be ideal but if you are traveling to villages, this might not be a good idea.
  1. Costs: If you are going to drive the car, you need to consider the upfront costs as it will also depend on the season you choose to visit in. If you are booking a car, you can check with the company about the upfront costs. Do not forget to ask about the taxes.
  1. Diesel or gas: You need to choose between gas and diesel while keeping their rates in mind. The cost will vary across the country so make a decision accordingly.
  1. Insurance: The cost of insurance will be included in the price of hiring the car as it is illegal to drive a car without insurance. So, if you are going to drive the car, ensure it includes insurance cost.
  1. Check the hold charges: The hold charge is an amount that will be billed to the credit card you book from and it can go as high as $1,000. It is a charge that is on hold in case something goes wrong with the car.
  1. Navigation: Navigating in Switzerland is easy and convenient. There are well maintained roads and your car will come with an in-built GPS.
  1. Car pick up/drop off : If you are going to drive the car, the pick up process is simple. You will first complete the paperwork and then shown around the car. But if you have hired a car with a chauffeur, they will pick you up from the airport or the hotel.
  1. Check the cost: No matter the type of car you choose or whether you have a chauffeur driven car, it is important to check the cost. There might be extra charges that you are not aware of and it needs to be worked out.

Complete the booking before you leave the country to make the process easy and convenient for you.

About Geneva Car Services:

Geneva Car Services provides Premium Chauffeur & Protection Service, Providing Safe, Reliable Corporate and VIP Chauffeur service in Geneva and Geneva to all the other major cities around Switzerland.

Geneva Car Services also offer private Geneva Airport ski transfers to a wide range of ski resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Cheapest Ski Resorts in Switzerland to Enjoy This Winter

It is a well known fact that Switzerland is one of the top destinations in the world. It is known for the natural beauty and spectacular landscapes. Whether you are here for the ski experience or on a honeymoon with your beloved, there are some ski resorts you can enjoy without burning a hole in your wallet. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Le D’s

Le D’s is known for the early and late season skiing. You can make the most of the off-peak prices and enjoy the best snow conditions. The resort has a glacier 3000 overhead and is easily accessible. It also has frequent trains from Geneva.

  1. Villars

You can reach Villars in an hour and half from Geneva. It can be easily reached by train and you can make the most of the money you pay here. The slopes are linked with Les Diabrelets and Gryon and skiing away from the high season will help save money. It has 25 km of slopes from autumn to spring. You can also book lessons and make the most of your visit.

  1. Elm im Sernftal

Located in Sernftal, the resort has 40 km of slopes and 2 km of ski routes. You can make the most of the winter sports between elevations of 1020 and 2105 m. The resort is an affordable option and offers something for everyone. You can enjoy skiing, free riding or snowboarding. It has varied slopes and the resort also has a large children’s area for your kids.

  1. La Dôle

 Located in Les Rousses, the resort is an affordable option for those who are headed to Switzerland for skiing only. There are 28.6 kms of slopes available for snowboarding and skiing and it has 21 lifts to transport the guests.

  1. Fronalpstock

 Stoos – Fronalpstock is in the Canton of Scwyz and is known for skiing and snowboarding. It features 2 km of ski routes and 35 km of slopes. There are 8 lifts for the guests and the winter sports area is located at the elevation of 1,300 and 1,935 m. Stoos is a car free village and is high above the Lake Lucerne. You can enjoy the best views of the mountain landscape and the lake from the slopes.

Do not settle for anything less than the best when in Switzerland. If you are tight on budget, these resorts offer an ideal solution to your skiing and snowboarding expectations.

About Geneva Car Services:

Geneva Car Services provides Premium Chauffeur & Protection Service, Providing Safe, Reliable Corporate and VIP Chauffeur service in Geneva and Geneva to all the other major cities around Switzerland.

Geneva Car Services also offer private Geneva Airport ski transfers to a wide range of ski resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Interesting Switzerland Facts You Should Know

The beautiful country, Switzerland is bursting with stunning lakes, dramatic cliffs and meadows. There is no sight as beautiful as Switzerland in all its glory. No amount of words can do justice to the beautiful destination and you have to see it to believe it. Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world and has so much to explore. There are a lot of interesting facts about Switzerland you must know. Let’s dig into them!

  1. It hasn’t fought a war since 1815

Switzerland was neutral but not many people know for how long. It has not fought anyone out of the borders in a war for more than 200 years!

  1. Home to the Oldest Humanitarian Organization

The famous Red Cross Organization based in Geneva was built here in 1863. It has won three Nobel Peace Prizes in the 150-year history.

  1. Switzerland tribe derived from Helvetii

The tribe that Switzerland came from is known as Helvetti and they did not have an easy time. They were harassed off the Swiss Plateau and then after they escaped, the were chased by the armies of Julius Caesar due to which they had to return to the Plateau. Lastly, the Romans ended up conquering the Alps. Not much good luck for the tribe!

  1. It has four national languages

Switzerland has four national languages and the most spoken language is German followed by French. Then there is Italian and Romansch, which is a descendant of Spoken Latin.

  1. Switzerland’s border has two foreign countries

There are tiny parts of other countries that are located inside Switzerland, it is Busingen and Campioni.

  1. There is no capital city in Switzerland

You may be surprised to know this but there is no capital city in Switzerland. The Federal Government is in Bern but the city does not own a Federal Status. Even Zurich is not a capital city.

  1. It is not a part of the European Union

We have read a lot about the European Union but Switzerland is not a part of it and neither does it want to be. It is called the Schengen Area but it refuses the invitation to join EU.

So, there are some interesting and fun facts about Switzerland not many are aware of. Now that you know them, keep them in mind when you make a visit!

About Geneva Car Services:

Geneva Car Services provides Premium Chauffeur & Protection Service, Providing Safe, Reliable Corporate and VIP Chauffeur service in Geneva and Geneva to all the other major cities around Switzerland.

Geneva Car Services also offer private Geneva Airport ski transfers to a wide range of ski resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland.

When is the Best Time to Visit Switzerland?

The beautiful destination of Switzerland attracts tourists throughout the year. The ideal time to visit is between April and October but there is nothing like spending the winters in this beautiful place. This is why a lot of sports enthusiasts prefer the time between December and March. Switzerland has four unique seasons and each one attracts tourists for different reasons.

These are the colder months and there is a lot of snow, which makes the cities and markets very festive. The temperature could be really low but if you enjoy the snow, it is a great time to visit. Christmas markets are organised during the months where you can enjoy traditional food and hot spiced wine.

The temperature will slowly start to rise but there will be a lot more snow and rain. Ski resorts usually remain packed because of the mid-term break in school.

Spring will arrive in the month of April and May when bright flowers are blooming and the mountainside is green. It is the perfect time for those who do not enjoy extreme cold. You will see the meadows returning to life as the ski resorts become empty.

The mountains look the best during these months. The temperature is pleasant and the weather is mild. You will have sunny days with clear views of the mountain peaks. The biggest music festival, Montreux Jazz Festival is organised during this period.

There is harvest beauty during the months of August and September. You will see forest scenery taking a coat of golden brown and the mountains will have snowy caps. Swiss National Day is celebrated during this period with parades and street festivals across towns and cities.

Late autumn begins in October and the weather starts to turn cold. You can see a few sunny days in October but November will see a lot of cold winds. Christmas markets are being set up during this season.

Switzerland is open for tourists throughout the year and there is no right season to visit. But the best time for skiers is during the months of winter. However, if you are not fond of cold, you can make the most of the destination in April-May.

About Geneva Car Services:

Geneva Car Services provides Premium Chauffeur & Protection Service, Providing Safe, Reliable Corporate and VIP Chauffeur service in Geneva and Geneva to all the other major cities around Switzerland.

Geneva Car Services also offer private Geneva Airport ski transfers to a wide range of ski resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Top 10 ski resorts near Geneva

Geneva is known for the snow and ski. Geneva Airport is the first choice for skiers and it is known as the best airport by the World Snow Awards. There are plenty of ski resorts located close to the airport which means you have ample of choice and you enjoy short transfer times. No matter your style or preference, you will find a resort that is best suited for you. Here are the top 10 ski resorts near Geneva.

  1. La Clusaz
  2. This ski resort is at a distance of 65 minutes from Geneva and has 131 slopes at a height of 2600m. This resort is perfect for beginners, families and intermediates. It has 10 bars, a nightclub, a cinema, 200 shops and several restaurants.

  3. Praz de Lys
  4. This is the best ski resort you have ever heard of and is only one hour from Geneva. It has 56 slopes, 23 lifts and the resort height is of 1980m. Additionally, it has 11 restaurants and a few bars.

  5. Le Grand Bornand
  6. Le Grand Bornand is about 62 minutes from Geneva and is one property that will instantly charm you. It has 131 slopes and the top resort height is 2100m. The resort is ideal for snowboarders and intermediates.

  7. Morzine
  8. The ski resort has a height of 2350m and 280 slopes. It is ideal for families, beginners and intermediates.

  9. Les Gets
  10. Les Gets is about 80 minutes from Geneva and has 280 slopes while the resort height is 2350m. It is one of the top ski resorts near Geneva.

  11. Samoens
  12. You can reach Samoens within 70 minutes from Geneva. It has 144 slopes and the resort height is 2500m. The resort has been described as a typical French Village and ski resort. It has several shops, cinema, bars and restaurants.

  13. Les Houches
  14. You can reach Les Houches in 60 minutes from Geneva and enjoy skiing at the 69 slopes. It is ideal for non-skiers and families. The resort offers several activities apart from skiing.

  15. Les Carroz d’ Araches
  16. This ski resort has a height of 2840m and 145 slopes. It has 27 restaurants and a nightclub and cinema.

  17. Saint Gervais
  18. Reach Saint Gervais in an hour from Geneva. Perfect for beginners, non-skiers, snowboarders and intermediates, the resort offers ski jeering, ice skating, hot air ballooning, thermal spa and more.

  19. Combloux
  20. This ski resort has a top height of 2350m and 238 slopes. It caters to all levels of skiers and offers a range of activities to engage in.

    Each resort is unique in its own way and caters to different types of travelers. All of these resorts have several entertainment and adventure activities to engage in.

    Geneva Car Services offer one stop solution for your needs and they will ensure that you are traveling in comfort and style. They are one of the best ski transfer service providers in Geneva. Click here or call us at  +41-764667851 for service ski transfer.

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